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What to Expect

When Nancy Arrives

Set up and break-down both generally take about 30 minutes, but Nancy will arrive at your venue one hour before the first show begins.

When Nancy arrives at your school or library, she will first check in, look over her space, and then unload and move her vehicle to the space provided for her. She brings everything she needs including all sound and stage equipment and props.  It all fits on one rolling cart. The only thing you need to know is that this cart does not accommodate stairs, so a ramp or flat surface will be necessary. If your school has a stage with stairs but no ramp, or the ramp is inaccessible, she will need help putting the contents of the cart up on the stage.

Show Specifics

There is no need to introduce Nancy, and no need to reiterate the rules unless the host wishes to do so. Introduction and rules for behavior are always written into the show.

The show itself is 45 minutes. There is no need for “down time” if the shows are back-to-back. You may book the shows as closely together as is possible, allowing only for time for children to exit and the next group to enter. Nancy brings a poster for each classroom which is a reward for their good behavior in leaving.


For Libraries

For library shows, staff simply needs to let Nancy know if there will be announcements, prizes, etc. before or after show. A list of topics will be provided so that library staff can pull books that are relevant if they so desire.

For Churches

Because church requirements are all different, we will happily discuss any needs, scriptures, time-limits etc. that you have. Nancy carries her own wireless microphone that she prefers to use and that can be easily hooked into any sound system either at the board or on an open mic jack on stage.

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