Current Show

Road, River, Rock! – Through May 2019

The 2018-2019 show “Road, River… ROCK!” will take you on a trip down a river, across the road, and up the rock wall.  Larry the Crocodile helps us learn how to chill out like the crocodilians, managing our anger and being our best, most authentic selves.  Lili Weasel shows us how to  walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, learning empathy and kindness and saying NO to bullying of all kinds while we learn the meaning of appropriate vs. inappropriate.  Words matter and Lili learns that along with the audience.  And the cutest weasel in the world Waco becomes brave enough to tackle his fears while readying to climb a rock wall.  What do you need to tackle your fears?  Learning, of course.

Kindness, managing our emotions, being kind and appropriate and the importance of reading are this year’s most important points in Road, River… ROCK!

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