The Life of a Travelling Ventriloquist

Nancys Traveling V

The life of a travelling storyteller/ventriloquist is one of ups and downs. This year my January had four shows – that may not sound like much, but it was a 400% improvement over last year!

The end of February and the beginning of March however are one of my favorite times of the year. Those months include my visits to the American School of Tampico, in Mexico and the First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn, Michigan. This was my tenth visit to Tampico, and my sixth to Dearborn.

Two years ago was the most difficult of these trips because I flew directly from Mexico to Michigan with no break. It was 80 degrees in the balmy south, and 20 degrees in the frigid north. I had to mail my winter clothes both ways.

This year’s trip included sheets of ice and impassible road conditions – in Texas!


When I left for the airport on February 24, an ice storm had hit DFW with a vengeance. My husband who is a firefighter can proudly drive in anything. We tease him that he drives like an old woman, but on the ice that’s a good thing.

The Forecast was calling for better weather by the end of the week when I came home, so the plan was that the Mister would take me and the Daughter would pick me up.

LifeofStoryTellerSnowinTexas“We tease him that he drives like an old woman, but on the ice that’s a good thing.”

We live 62 miles from DFW airport. That usually takes me an hour and fifteen minutes depending on traffic. This trip took three hours. Three different highways were closed on our journey necessitating several detours and imaginative driving. Eventually, we made it and I was off!
LifeofTravelingStorytellerOn the way home I had a layover in Houston. The daughter called to tell me that there was yet another (this time unexpected) ice storm in DFW and she couldn’t get there. Neither could the shuttle that runs between the cities. I ended up staying in a motel in the Fort Worth area until my husband could come get me the next morning.

That trip home took only two hours, and included watching several spin-outs and playing Good Samaritans by pulling out some young men in a small car.


My good friend Noodles Missler meets Dr. Eddie for the first time – love at first sight.

The trip to Michigan was much less dramatic and I got to see a LOT of snow; none of it falling, but the yards were 3-4 feet deep. Beautiful if you don’t have to live with it.

My friends Bob and Diane Missler in Dearborn Michigan host me at one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. It is a joy always to be with them.

My thanks and love to good friends at the American School of Tampico, Mexico and the First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn, Michigan.

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