Super Hero Summer with Nancy and Her Friends


This Summer weʻve been traveling near and far to help spread the message that “Every Hero has a Story!” Larry, Lily, Waco and Nancy ALL made the trip around Texas and met so many FUN friends!

This summer we walked, we hiked, we adventured, we journeyed… And we discovered that every hero had a story! Sometimes we can find a hero and follow them to greatness and sometimes we have to be our OWN hero!

Whatever the path we choose to take, there is a book to tell us…which choices to make.MapofTexasDotsMarkingTrailNancyAndHerFriends

To give you an example of all the places we went, we made a map of just SOME of the places Nancy and Her Friends have visited!

We always enjoy promoting the summer reading programs because we know that reading can help improve our lives in so many ways!  Check out the calendar to see where weʻre headed next!

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Here are some pictures of some of our new friends we met along our journey:

NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015 NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-9 NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-8 NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-7
NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-6 NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-5 NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-4 NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-3
NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-2 NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-1 NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-11 NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-12

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