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 New Show for 2017-18



Our new friend Dr. Eddie the Hermit Crab has lost his home in a hurricane.  Who will help him rebuild?

Larry the Crocodile has a great story about building houses, but what TOOLS do we use?

Charlotte the Monkey Girl  is the keeper of the RULES at our house – but do they apply to everyone?  And how does it help to follow the rules?

WACO the World’s Sweetest Weasel Boy wants to grow up to BE something special.  How does he do that?  With the right KNOWLEDGE, of course!

Along the way we tell children they need:

  • RESPECT for themselves and others
  • RESPONSIBILITY for their actions and deeds
  • HONESTY in all dealings
  • KINDNESS toward others

And much more, like the importance of reading, doing your homework, making friends,  and washing your hands,

Starring Larry the Crocodile, weasels Waco and Lili, our monkey girl Charlotte, and  everybody’s favorite:  Dr. Eddie the Hermit Crab

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Nancy Burks Worcester is a successful author and children’s performer who has performed at school assemblies across the country.

With shows that focus on bullying, test preparation, literacy, drug awareness, character building, and fire prevention, Nancy is a popular performer for school assemblies.

A background in early childhood education gave Nancy the ability to move a show at the rapid pace that keeps the attention of 3s, 4s and 5s, but her more sophisticated jokes and pop-culture references delight tweens and teens as well.

She skillfully and artfully blends education and entertainment with a show that keeps kids engaged and captivated while keeping the message of the show at center focus. A new show each year means that students and teachers alike look forward to their yearly visit with Nancy & her friends. Special topics are always welcome and can be crafted to your particular need! Christian schools can request a Gospel-based program!

Successful performances include:

ESL Pre-schoolers
Differently abled learners of all ages
Hundreds of Middle-schoolers
Everything in-between!

Every show includes:



Other topics include:


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