Norma Loves Chester


Pictured on the right… is Norma Wright. She is my hero!

If you’ve never heard of her, it’s because you don’t live in Granbury, Texas where she moved in the 90s and then set about making her corner of the world a better place. She is the kindest, most loving, most genuine person I have ever known. I want to be her, except that would be really hard because to be Norma requires a level of selflessness and commitment that I don’t have.
Nancy and Her Friends Love Norma


While she was in Hood County, programs she created, expanded, improved or just plain worked tirelessly on include:  Hood County Christmas for Children, Operation School Supplies, Ruth’s Place, Brandon’s Hope, Healthy Kids Summer Lunch Program,  and probably others I don’t even know about including one that was discontinued due to church members objecting to “too much Spanish spoken on the transit buses”. I’m not even making that up.

See what I mean? It would be exhausting to be Norma.


Norma and Roscoe

A couple of years ago she moved to Corpus Christi and spent some time being incognito while loving and spoiling her grandsons.  But a mighty and compassionate heart knows no rest, so Norma is now spreading caring and love around Corpus Christi, starting with a Christmas program that raised thousands of dollars for Timons Ministry. And I’m sure that’s only the beginning of her mission work. Because her heart is just so big and because she sees a need and fills it, unlike most of us who see it and cluck cluck over it and then watch television.

It was just like Norma to adopt a dog with special needs.  His name is Roscoe and he is four full pounds of awesomeness wrapped in hair.

He also has no teeth.  That’s right.  No teeth.  He came to her with a broken jaw – I don’t even want to think about how a baby that tiny got a broken jaw.  His name is Roscoe and HE is not broken, because he has Norma taking care of him.

So, recently when I saw this little guy posted with the rescue group Hood County Animal Loverʻs Organization (H.A.L.O on Facebook), I had to alert her!



This is Chester.  He was given up for adoption by an older lady who could no longer keep him.  He had eight rotten teeth that were keeping him sick and skinny and he definitely needed some TLC.  I was totally (sort-of) kidding when I sent her this picture and said “Norma, this reminds me of your Roscoe baby”.  She replied, “I want him!” and I blithely said “Well you adopt him and I’ll meet you halfway with him.”  And she did.

Of course I then had to honor my promise.  Because if I’m going to put on my big girl panties and be Norma Wright I have to find a need, look for a solution, make a decision and then honor that commitment.

Chester had some rough days after his surgery and prayer and donations were called for and received.

Prayers worked and Chester, all 3 ½ pounds of him were ready to go home to Norma.

On Tuesday I loaded the car with a makeshift doggie car seat, the bed that I made him out of an old sweater, and a pillow.  We met Linda, one of the angels from H.A.L.O., made the doggie-drop,  and Chester and I set out to drive to Johnson City, which is halfway between Granbury and Corpus Christi.  Well, a little more for her.  My drive was 170 miles – hers was 180.  But that’s because her heart is bigger.

Not quite sure at first, Chester soon snuggled beneath the blankets and slept for the entire drive.  He woke up to meet Norma and I do believe it was love at first sight for them both.


Chester (who is now Chester Jo after me thank you very much) has “fallen in the feathers” as my grandmother used to say. His missing teeth will be no obstacle – he’s got Roscoe to show him how to do it.  And as for the rest, he’s got Norma Wright to take care of him.


I can’t imagine anything better.

To donate to the Hood County Animal Lovers or to find out more information on fostering, volunteering or helping rehome pets, click here. 

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