New Year, New Show!


Hello there! Nancy Burks Worcester and Waco Weasel here, ready to embark on a great JOURNEY! Hope we make it to your school, church, or event because this year’s show is gonna be great! We’re going to learn that if you want to undertake a journey, you can’t just “talk the talk”, you gotta “walk the walk”.good

So Waco and I are getting ready and making sure we are PREPARED. That’s part of anyone’s journey you know, making sure you do your homework, prepare your mind and keep your body healthy and strong.

IMG_3268Lili Weasel would prefer to just sit home. She likes her quiet time. But we’ve put her in charge of learning the SIGNS along our journey.

STOP means DANGER, turn around— this is not meant for you. We have to remember that sign when it comes to steep grades, fallen trees, drugs and alcohol, and bullying.

SLOW means BE CAREFUL. That is good to know because it often means dangerous curves, dangerous weather, and even dangerous friends.

TURN AROUND means change your behavior, something we all have to do from time to time and it’s good to know that you can do it!

There are lots more SIGNS—I hope Lili is studying!

IMG_3426We’re excitedly awaiting the arrival of our new nanny, Nanny Fiona. I hope she arrives safely! She has lots to tell us about behavior and manners and how often we find the most joy in helping others.

We invite you to contact us to come visit your school so we can teach you and your students how to WALK THE WALK & TALK THE TALK!

For more information or to book a show, click here.

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See you soon

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