Larry and His Friends…and Nancy


Today’s post is being guest-written by Larry the Crocodile (Please excuse his odd word-choice)

HELLO! Larry the Crocodile here. Nancy can’t blog today, she’s tied up. But don’t worry, the closet has GREAT ventilation.

I thought I might tell you a little bit about my summer. We traveled all around the great state of Texas to places like Friona, Texas , Abilene, Texas  and First Presbyterian Church in Granbury ! We had such a great time!

To begin with, I won the 2016 Van Cliburn piano competition. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking “Larry! Why didn’t I see you on the news?” Well that’s because there wasn’t a division that I fit in. I certainly wasn’t an amateur and I was too good for adult division, and I scared the juniors so they just gave me a special award. You what? You want to see it? Um… okay, I’ve got it somewhere around here.LarryPlaysPiano

I know you will be thrilled to know that I have been training for the summer Olympics in Rio.  I will be representing America in swimming. They have invented a brand-new competition for me called the “Crocodile Back Float/Crawl”. I expect to win of course, but don’t worry I won’t get a big head or nothin’.


I made a new bovine friend. Her name is Frida, and boy is she stuck on me! Frida and I rode bicycles across the panhandle. I don’t know why it wasn’t on the news – there were paparazzi everywhere. I just can’t shake them.LarryandFrionoaCow

I saved 120 – no, wait 500 – no I think it was 1500. Yeah, that’s it 1500 preschoolers from a deadly tornado in Liberal Kansas in July! Nobody knew it was coming except me with my croc-senses. I rounded em all up, put them in the cellar, and hung on to the door just to make sure they stayed safe. Cause that’s how I roll…


And of course I made friends everywhere I went:

11053118_804025516376953_1821089224253446696_oNancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-4NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-9Harry Meets LarryWacos_friend_KilogoreVentriloquist_EntertainerMissStaceyWacojpgNancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-1NancyWorcester_Entertainer_LibraryTour2015-7

And yeah, my kid brother and sister Waco and Lili were there, but they didn’t do anything. And my mom Nancy Burks Worcester, but she just drove the car.

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See ya later!

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