Ever have one of those Facebook days where you want to reply to every single post with judginess?

Yeah, that was me last night/this morning.  Couldn’t sleep, didn’t want to vacuum, so of course I did what we do now – I rolled through FB for hours and hours.

JudginessCat videos, news from Hollywood, pet rescues, people who hate the president, Sarah Palin jokes – they’re all there and every one of them I know was really NEEDING some intelligent person (like me) to make sense of it all.  After all, shouldn’t I tell people when they’re being stupid?

No, I guess not.  I asked my FB friends “wasn’t it Jesus who said that the ‘stupid are always with us'”?  But my awesome pastor Drew Travis of First Presbyterian Church in Granbury (where we invite you to come ANYTIME) said he didn’t think that was exactly the quote, but he had once been told “Remember, God has lots of little people”.

Well dern it.  Don’t you hate it when you’re feeling all judgy and sanctimonious and someone comes along and bursts your bubble with wisdom?

I like to tell people about how much I hate being judged. In 2007 it was these three people who told me (with heartfelt superiority and lack of tact) in front of thousands of people that I was “talentless”, “suited only for cheap childrens’ birthday parties” and that I should “take my weasel and go home”.

'America's Got Talent' TV Series - 2007

Morgan, Osborne and Hasselhoff hatin’ on me and Waco


That judging hurt my feelings and made me feel small and… well, talentless.   So can I really judge people who believe that 9/11 didn’t happen or that Dick Van Dyke confessed to being the Zodiac Killer? Is it wrong to judge people who simply feel differently than we do but okay to judge people whose views fly in the face of all reason?

Well, okay –  just for today I’m going to attempt to not judge, to not label things I don’t agree with “stupid” or to argue with people who think that “A Million Ways to Die in the West” was hilarious.  (gulp, swallow, take deep breath)

I guess I’d better log off now.

judginess cat


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