I am a Mannequin American


Today’s post is being guest-written by Charlotte

Allow me to introduce myself to you.  My name is Charlotte Jane Goodall, and I am the adopted daughter of Nancy Burks Worcester, ventriloquist extraordinaire.  She is a human, bless her heart.

I have been asked many many times how I would like to be introduced.  Because of my extreme awesomeness, the word “puppet” is simply not appropriate.  Not that there’s anything WRONG with that.

This is a puppet:

Obviously that is not me.  Even with big beautiful Texas hair…

that would not be me.

This is a doll:

Cute and “stylish,”  yes – but not me.

There are many famous puppets:



Like I say, nothing WRONG with that.  They’re certainly all making more money than my human is.  But I am not them.

There are marionettes, some of them quite famous:

I am not one of them either.

There are even ventriloquist’s “dummies”

Brrrrrr… SHIVER! I am certainly not one of those.

There are mannequins, made to sell beautiful fashion since 1765:


and getting more, well interesting all the time:


But that is not me either.

I am a Mannequin-American.  Real in so many ways, and yet nothing without my lovely assistant, Nancy Burks Worcester.

Charlotte outside

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Bye now!