Healthy Kids Program 2015


As we told you before, the life of traveling storyteller is one of ups and downs! We are traveling over the next few weeks and are proud to be supporting the Heathy Kids Program by promoting it at local schools in the Weatherford and Granbury areas! We will be in the Weatherford area from May 11 – May 18 and visiting schools in Granbury May 25 – May 28! Please check our calendar to see when weʻre coming to YOUR school! 

Heathy Kids Program

Nancy and Larry (and James) at the 2014 Healthy Kids Program Assembly

Our dear friend, Norma Wright (Do you remember Chester?), helped set up this amazing program that helped serve thousands of meals to students during this past Summer and beyond!

Norma started this program based on a very apparent need in the community of Granbury for low-income/no-income families. She realized that kids in these circumstances may only get one nutritious meal a day from school.

What were these kids supposed to do for the Summer months?

After a lot of research, Norma found out that the same Federal monies that fed the kids during the school year were also available for Summer programs. After about a year more of research and hard work, she eventually got the program started in 17 locations throughout the area that were adopted by local churches. Since the meals were made at one of the schools, the volunteers would come grab the food and take it to the different locations!  Churches and clubs across the county sponsor sites and provide volunteers who give many hours a week to selflessly help with the program.

These programs were expanded at some of the sites and eventually included arts and crafts as well as recreation time with the kids! By the second year, they were giving out thousands of lunches 30,00 last year alone.  Larry the Crocodile and I  were able to help  and continue to do so by going to elementary schools during the last weeks of school and putting on assemblies to promote the idea as well as give children information about healthy eating habits.

Norma was also pivotal in helping Julie Enlow start the Weatherford Healthy Kids program! The Granbury program continues under the leadership of co-founder, Micky Shearon. Norma has since moved to Corpus Christi. The Healthy Kids has been picked up by the Texas Agriculture Commission and now serves schools and communities throughout the state of Texas!

Sarah Harvey, Director of Organizational Development at the Boys and Girls Club of Hood County had this to stay about the Healthy Kids program –

We have partnered with Healthy Kids since 2011 and we have seen so many positive results. Our kids come from all socioeconomic backgrounds, however it seems that the kids who have the least amount of financial support are the kids who are in our Summer program. Most of those kids live on the cheap  junk food that their parents can actually afford to buy. Because of the Healthy Kids program, we are able to help provide a balanced healthy warm meal for our Club Members. We also welcome any neighborhood kids into our Clubs for lunch, thanks to the program.

We are truly honored to be a part of such a great program every year and encourage you to contact them if youʻd like to volunteer this Summer!

If youʻd like to find our more information about the Healthy Kids program, visit their Facebook page!


This yearʻs participating 2015 Healthy Kids Program Granbury Locations: 

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 12.20.09 PM

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