Ash Wednesday… Listen


I hated church when I was a kid.  I knew without a doubt that when I grew up I would NEVER go to church because I hated everything about it. Except my grandmother.

“When I grow up I will wear a dress like this and I will be this beautiful, and I will never, ever, ever go to boring church again.”

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Ever have one of those Facebook days where you want to reply to every single post with judginess?

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Texas or Tejas Storytelling Festival!


On Sunday, March 15th, we are making an appearance at the 30th Annual Tejas Storytelling Festival which runs March 12th – 15th at the Denton Civic Center and  wanted to share our story about how we ended up not only a member of the Texas Storytelling Association, but also a regular at the Festival!

About 1990 I happened across a copy of “Storyteller” magazine. That issue just happened to have an ad for the Texas Storytelling Association which just happened to have a notice about the Tejas Storytelling Festival.

I just happened to go.
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Norma Loves Chester


Pictured on the right… is Norma Wright. She is my hero!

If you’ve never heard of her, it’s because you don’t live in Granbury, Texas where she moved in the 90s and then set about making her corner of the world a better place. She is the kindest, most loving, most genuine person I have ever known. I want to be her, except that would be really hard because to be Norma requires a level of selflessness and commitment that I don’t have.
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When you doubt yourself…


A story is told about a young Jewish man named Yeshua, who in the beginning year of his ministry, returned to the city of his origin at a time when Rome was the center of the world.  He went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day and was handed the scroll to read.  The scripture was from the prophecy of Isaiah. This is what he read:

 ” The Spirit of the Lord is on me because he has anointed me to proclaim the Good News.” 
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This Is Christmas



Look carefully at this photograph:  What do you see?

Yes, of course – two amazingly and stunningly beautiful children with Santa.  They are my grandchildren, James and Margaret.  But what do you REALLY see?
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Begger Lice



We have four dogs.  Yes, yes, I know.  Of the four dogs, only two go on walks with me.  The other two are shih tzus and cannot be bothered with such pedestrian things.  I would say pardon the pun, but of course I was going there anyway.

The two who walk with me are Coco and Bruno.  That’s what we call them in public, although their real names are Bruno Carsapian (aka The Destroyer), and Coco Mongolian Warlord.
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