About the Friends!

Meet Nancyʻs Friends!

Each of Nancyʻs Friends is unique and quite possibly the cutest thing youʻve ever seen! From our friendly and fierce Larry the Crododile to the sassy and sophisticated Charlotte Jane Goodall, weʻve got a bunch of bananas! This year we will be introducing some new and very exciting guests. Stay tuned!


Charlotte Jane Goodall

A sassy but sweet monkey girl with a heart of gold, a love of fashion, bananas, and music. She is well known for her gospel parodies such as “Count Your Bananas” and “I’ll Swing Away, Oh Glory”.





liliLili Weasel

A kindergartener (yes, again) who wants you to know how important it is that you spell her name correctly – that’s two I’s, both dotted with hearts. She is adorable, fashion-forward and NOT bossy. She just has better ideas.




Larry Larry the Crocodile

Everybody’s favorite crocodile, Larry The Crocodile, is Nancy’s most long-term sidekick and has traveled the entire length of North America including Mexico and Newfoundland. He has his own twitter account and describes himself as “large, handsome, strong, handsome, smart, and – yes, handsome”

Larry also shares his middle name with Alexander THE Great, Winnie THE Pooh, and Bob THE Builder.


wacostand.jpgWaco Weasel

Who wouldn’t love this face? Waco is a 4 1/2 year old Weasel boy who loves cricket and peanut butter sandwiches, overalls, his Granny Weasel, and singing. “Hole In the Bottom of the Sea” is his favorite of all time. We DARE you not to fall in love with Waco!




eddieDr. Edistein Pascalileo (Dr. Eddie)

Dr. Edistein Pascalileo aka “Dr. Eddie,” is fond of giving such audience directions as “Please affix your posterior to the lowest horizontal surface” which of course translates into “sit on your bottom”. He is a crusty crustacean of the first order.





Once-in-awhile guest star Begonia is a beautiful Mexican Cheetah. “Ola Begonia! Encantada!”