2017 – 2018 School Show!



Announcing our NEW School Show – “Build a Better World!”

This awesome new show from Nancy and her Friends will teach kids how to be the VERY best that they can be!


Whenever you build something you start with a PLAN – a picture, a pattern or a blueprint of what you want.  Every good project needs a PLAN!

From the shortest poem to the largest Hadron supercollider, every good project started with someone who had a dream and knew what they WANTED TO DO – that’s called a GOAL.

No goal is too big or too small!


REACHING YOUR GOAL requires that you assemble the TEAM and the TOOLS that you need.  Your team is your family, your school, your friends, and your community.  These are just of few of the tools we need:

RESP1ECT for ourselves and others

RESPONSIBILITY for our own actions

BOOKS where we can learn anything

GOOD FRIENDS who help us with our goals

KINDNESS because the world needs more of it.

UNDERSTANDING of others and our earth


When you follow your plan step by step, one thing at a time until it’s finished, you will have done good work that you can be proud of.

A good life is shown by being kind to others, volunteering to do more than our share, making friends everywhere we go, and caring about your FAMILY, FRIENDS, COMMUNITY AND WORLD!



For more information or to book a show – click here!

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